Hot Investment Tip: Buy KTW Radio Memorabilia—Now!

World headquarters KTW Radio, Spokane

KTW is a tiny radio station disguised as a suburban rancher, hiding behind some shrubs in a quiet Spokane South Hill neighborhood. It would be hard to find a more unpretentious citadel of free speech. 30 Rock it ain’t. I knew the station when my family and I first moved to Spokane, in 1976, as KEZE. “Easy Listening” KEZE.

The listening at KTW yesterday, when I recorded a four-part interview series for a show called “The RIGHT Spokane Perspective with George and Mike” was not easy.

In fact, it is a sign of our strange times that what I had to say could actually be considered “seditious.”

The third definition of sedition in my Oxford English Dictionary: “Conduct or language inciting people to rebellion or a breach of public order; agitation against the constituted authority of a State.”

This is where journalists the world over can find themselves on thin ice. What happens if government is taken over by religious fanatics for whom beheading and suicide bombing are acceptable forms of spiritual discourse? Or tyrants who look upon salt mines and prisons as appropriate curbs on “agitation?” Or drug lords who think of automatic weapons as a good way to drive home a point?

Less dramatically, and closer to home—too close for comfort to the studios of KTW: what happens if organized crime successfully subverts government so that you have government itself violating the laws that government is bound to uphold? Are those advocating an end to the inherent disorder of lawlessness seditious because they advocate disrupting the disorder and restoring the order of lawful conduct?

That’s not a trick question.

My act of sedition was to talk as plainly as I know how about the evidence suggesting that Spokane’s Cowles family has used its media to corrupt government all the way from Spokane City Hall to the White House. The purpose of my seditious words was to serve as a trail of breadcrumbs leading to the evidence on this Web site, and at and suggesting that the Cowles family’s conduct satisfies the legal definition of organized crime and that its criminal activities led directly to the death of an innocent citizen.

For years now, having Tim Connor or me on a Spokane, WA, radio show to talk about this stuff has not been the best programming move. (Tim, a longtime colleague of mine, is the communication director of the Center for Justice and former senior editor of Camas Magazine.) The two of us, sad to say, have a nasty habit of getting shows killed for having the cheek to talk about our reporting on RPS and the Cowleses. For many characters in the Inland Northwest, including characters in the region’s media, speaking the words River Park Square or Cowles family is like uttering the name Voldemort for characters in J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter novels.

For a colorful summary of the not-so-quaint history of what happens to journalists in this region who have reported on the Cowles family’s River Park Square “public/private partnership” see Tim’s story “The Kibosh” on the Center for Justice website. Also see his poignant, “Requiem for a Reporter,” at the Camas site. That story describes the spectacularly bad judgment Tom Grant showed by winning the nation’s top broadcast journalism award for his RPS reporting.

A caveat: I may have discerned a certain, er, ideological bent at KTW Radio. I picked it up, for instance, on the slogans of the tee shirts worn by my hosts, George McGrath and Mike Fagan. I think I saw the image of a Minuteman, but I can’t be sure. Was there something about a “Tea Party,” “Patriots” “Liberty?” Maybe; I’m really not sure, and not that there’s anything wrong with  those words, freighted though they can be in these edgy times. In all honesty, I tend to get tunnel vision when I try to hack my way through the jungle of RPS. In any case, whatever ideological bent KTW Radio might have (if it has one at all) doesn’t matter to me. What matters to me is getting the facts straight. I am grateful to Mr. McGrath and Mr. Fagan for the courtesy they showed me and for their attempt to assist in getting out facts about public life in this neck of the woods that are hard to get out.

I congratulated my hosts for their courage in pursuing this story, although I hope to goodness I had the wits to do no such thing on the air. The last time I was foolish enough to congratulate radio show hosts—it was Mark Fuhrman and Rebecca Mack—they were gone before you could say “River Park Square.” Their old show? It was soon being broadcast under the aegis of Cowles Publishing. Just coincidence, I’m sure.

Which brings me to my investment tip. You might contact KTW and start snatching up whatever memorabilia they have to sell. It might not be around much longer, and you know how scarcity drives up prices. (I wish I still had my old Bobby Thompson and Dusty Rhodes baseball cards.)

The show can be heard on 630 AM in Spokane. At this writing, it is scheduled to be aired on 5/28/10, 5/31, 6/1 and 6/3 at 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. It can be listened to on the Internet at


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13 responses to “Hot Investment Tip: Buy KTW Radio Memorabilia—Now!

  1. Specific instructions for livestream feed of this show.

    Also Mr. Shook has told me this interview will be much more hard hitting than his previous appearance on the Mark Fuhrman Radio Show. You can listen to portions of Shook’s appearance as excerpted on the Furhman Show the following week when US Attorney Jim McDevitt appeared and tried to rebutt/refute what Shook had alleged:

    Fuhrman Show 08-06-07 [This should temporarily work. I will try to find a better host for my MP3 file]

    Ron the Cop


    For Listening To ACN and LBS Networks Online:

    To listen to ACN and LBS on line, go to

    In the upper right hand corner, directly under the Bible, is the mascot, Mity Mike.

    Click on the microphone and it will take you to the ACN Listening Page.

    If you click on the large microphone, the Flash Player should appear and the audio should begin.

    There you will also find icons for the most popular computer media players.

    If you want to use a different player, simply click on its picture. For the Windows Media Player

    Click on the icon and a menu will appear. Click on OPEN.

    Within seconds your Windows Media Player should open and the ACN audio should begin.

    For LBS, go back to the ACN web page and click on the Liberty bell, which is to the left of Mity Mike.

    Remember, LBS offers you a choice of programming from 9am to 3pm daily. The rest of the hours LBS carries the ACN network programming.

  2. UPDATE – Media Alert

    For some unknown reason the livestream per the instructions above did not work (Provided by the KTW). Another religious program was on the livestream of ACN network. The live broadcast on KTW 630AM aired just fine.

    This first installment of Mr. Shook’s interview on Mike Fagan’s and George McGrath’s, “The RIGHT Spokane Perspective,” will be rebroadcast at 5PM tonight. The next three segments are scheduled to air next Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday at 9AM and 5PM.

    I have most of the segment that aired and will try for the complete show at 5PM. Once I do and can convert it to a digital format, I will host the show where it can be replayed 24/7.

  3. I know have the partial audio file linked to at my site:

    Fagan/McGrath KTW Radio Show “The RIGHT Spokane persepective” – WHO RUNS BARTER TOWN? (The Cowles Co., Spokane, WA)

  4. Sorry the link did not come through. Here’s the direct URL:

  5. OK I now have a full copy of Larry Shook’s interview on Fagan’s/McGrath’s radio show on KTW 630 AM, “The RIGHT Spokane Perspective.” Listen here as to why the Zehm/Pete cases are only symptomatic of much more deeply rooted issues that must be addressed first before there can be any meaningful change in Spokane PD:

    Link to audio file:

  6. motorhommie

    As Mel Gibson’s character yelled out in the final scene of Braveheart as he was being disemboweled: “FREEDOM!” What price was paid for it to insure our present freedoms, and what price are YOU willing to pay for the future of your children and their heirs? As a society, it will be interesting to see how history will judge us.

  7. Programing Alert

    The broadcast of the Mike & George Show went AWOL for the first ten minutes. The station engineer confirmed they had an error in their auto programing. He restarted the Mike & George Show at 0910 and it ended at 0940. It will rebroadcast tonight at 5PM. I will convert and post later.

    Tomorrow’s show will be live with Mike & George on tonight’s Council meeting. The Council mtg was shifted because of Memorial Day. The fourth segment of Larry’s interview will air on Thursday.

    The engineer will later today update their stn’s archive site with the three segments that already aired. The stn’s archive is located here:

    I also got the correct instructions to hear the livestream feed of KTW. KTW’s morning line up is on one of their network feeds. Its not on ACN.

    You need to go here:

    Click on the “Liberty Bell” in the middle of the screen to left of the “Mighty Mike.” If you need a media player click on “Mighty Mike.” Pick the player that works for you. Then go back to this page and click on the “Liberty Bell.” The Mike & George Show is only livestreamed at 900AM and not at 5PM rebroadcast.

    It would be a good thing to thank the sponsors of the Mike & George Show for their continued support:

    Mike Fagan & George McGrath

    TRSP is sponsored by:

    Miller’s Do It Best Hardware – 509-534-7611

    Gopher’s SHOP – 509-535-2477

    Triple R Auctions – 509-218-2142

    Split Rock Contractors LLC – 509-768-2689

    Freeze Dry Guy – 866-404-3663

  8. Larry Shook’s final segment of his explosive interview aired yesterday on The RIGHT Perspective Spokane Show on KTW 630 AM Spokane, WA hosted by Mike Fagan and George McGrath . You listen to all segments here:

    Part I

    Part II

    Part III

    Part IV

  9. Dick Adams

    Larry Shook and others, I wanted to post my opine I sent out to elected officials and others this morning, 6/4/10, to LARRYSHOOK.COM web-site, that should interest many readers. In addition I think everybody should listen to your continuing interviews broadcast from dial 630am radio the past several days, Larry. The radio shows have been recorded and are available to anyone who missed your interviews re to the public about the corruption in the city of Spokane and the individuals who appear to be guilty of alleged criminal charges.

    Below is what I wrote today:

    Larry, your back ground as an award winning journalist, and your integrity and honesty, shows me well how you spell out the way documentation and evidence should be presented, i.e. unambiguously.

    I lack that ability to put into words what I opine, which you do so eloquently, but when I opine there should be no misunderstandings. I have, many times, discovered that the Spokesman Review cover up events that seriously hoodwink the subscribers and public at large. I have pointed out that the same cast of characters is not telling the truth, more especially information since 1995. Very serious information with documentation I sent yet the SR knowingly continued to blindfold the public. A disservice to all of the citizens in the city of Spokane and their subscribers.

    I have pointed out stuff to the SR that is not the truth and the Spokesman Review has done nothing about it to my knowledge. The newspaper even covered up for a judge knowing he either lied or purposely rendered a decision that helped the owners of the newspaper and the city of Spokane about River Park Square that was erroneous. I have pointed out information, in my possession, with strong evidence of contaminated muni bonds to finance the latest expansion of the convention center. The same cast of characters that for years in our community, have time and again been involved in questionable financial arrangements. There can be no misunderstanding about the information and documentation I have submitted to city hall, the Spokesman Review, Spokane county, and both State and federal agencies, including the IRS and the SEC.

  10. I too set for an interview with Mike & George. If you’re interested go to the audio link under “Update I”:

    Welcome listeners of The RIGHT Spokane Perspective

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