Mary Kay & the Temple of Doom

With its most recent proclamation in the rape-derived military disability case of Mary Kay McCollum, the U.S. Dept. of Veterans Affairs cements its status as the U.S. Dept. of No. As in, “No, America’s veterans are not entitled to the disability benefits the law says they are.”

In case you think this doesn’t concern you as an ordinary, non-veteran American citizen, let me assure you it does. That is, it does unless you think human consciousness has evolved beyond war and the need for national defense.

To recap the saga of Mary Kay McCollum: she was repeatedly raped, drugged and threatened with murder by a monstrous superior officer while she was on active Naval duty from 1975 to 1983. The facts of her case, documented ad nauseum in the three immediately preceding blog posts, prove that she has been totally disabled and entitled to benefits since 1983.

ML phone

VA has illegally denied Ms. McCollum’s benefits since she first applied for them, in 2004. This is also proven in the three earlier stories: Raping Mary Kay, The VA’s High Crime, and VA Continues Institutional Rape of Navy Veteran.

As noted in the last story, VA notified Ms. McCollum in a February 14, 2018 letter that, despite overwhelming evidence conforming to VA guidelines, she hadn’t been disabled since the Navy itself first ruled she was in 1983. In a second letter written on the same date—your tax dollars at work; Ms. McCollum didn’t receive it until several days after she received the first letter of the same date—the VA ruled that she hadn’t been unemployable before March 2, 2016.

The VA’s decision about when Ms. McCollum became unemployable because of her rape trauma is as flatly inconsistent with evidence in VA’s possession as the VA’s conclusion about when Ms. McCollum was raped, drugged, threatened with murder, and disabled by the trauma.

The VA’s latest illegal ruling in Ms. McCollum’s case convicts VA of either the imbecility of insects or drug lord criminality. I hope I’m not being too subtle.

Here’s what this has to do with you, Mr. and Mrs. America. As long as the VA continues to engage in this kind of corruption it will make of U.S. military service a temple of doom. This is because the VA is complicit in covering up the American military’s rape and behavioral health crises.

Read the reporting below. I’m not going to repeat myself—well, maybe a little.

Before I slightly repeat myself, let me bring to your attention a pathetic U.S. Army general’s recent appeal that foreshadows the impending doom of the American military. In the Oct. 2017-Jan 2018 issue of Army Echoes: The Official Newsletter for Retired Soldiers, Surviving Spouses & Families, Maj. Gen. Jeffrey Snow, U.S. Army Recruiting Command, under the headline “Army recruiting needs your support,” engaged in a little begging. It fell on at least this PTSD-disabled Vietnam veteran’s deaf ears.

“I come to you asking for assistance,” wrote the mendicant general. “The 8,800 recruiters across the country serve as the Army’s ambassadors to the American people every day, but they simply cannot reach every person. We need your help, as citizens who have experienced military life. We need you to share your Army story with the youth in your communities and the influencers who impact their decisions.”

Well, okay, sir. Here’s my sharing:



Mamas and papas, don’t let your babies grow up to serve their country until their country stops betraying them, as it is Mary Kay McCollum; until their country stops recruiting them into a permanent disabled underclass of the dispossessed.

If that sounds unpatriotic, take just two minutes and watch the trailer for Thank You For Your Service. Listen to combat veterans like me describe the lifelong, life-threatening mental injury caused by America’s refusal to face the truth about how Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder ruins lives. Listen to Navy Cmdr. Mark Russell explain why that is a betrayal of our military personnel and their loved ones.

If you’re feeling even more patriotic, take another two minutes and watch the trailer for The Invisible War. Better yet, watch the whole documentary and hear for yourself how commanders in every branch of service are covering up crimes like the rape and murder of LaVena Johnson.

Ms. McCollum will continue to appeal the VA’s corruption as long as necessary. I’ll keep reporting on her appeals.

As I mention elsewhere on this site, I was a door gunner on a helicopter gunship in Vietnam. The worst part of my job was seeing people killed and maimed right below me. A wolf howled in my chest every time that happened.

Gunner Larry Shook

Gunner Shook

Someone told me the other day that the latest figures suggest four times more Vietnam vets have now committed suicide than were killed in the war. That means America herself has been deadlier to us than the strangers she sent us to kill. That makes my wolf howl.

America, who’s going to fight your wars if you keep treating your veterans like illegal aliens?

That’s all for now. Smoke if you got ‘em. That’s healthier than drinking Gen. Snow’s Kool-Aid.

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  1. Ed Clark

    Larry, I imagine that Sen. Patty Murray could help with this, but I assume she’s already been asked. She is a proponent of Veterans issues. I would think she would want to stand up for vets, especially those like Mary Kay who have endured assaults by superiors as well as the VA.


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